Fu Culture Luxury Gift Series


Blessing culture

◆ The blessing culture is a powerful reflection of the Chinese nation's spiritual sustenance and value pursuit. The word "blessing" conveys people's beautiful thoughts about life.


◆ As the only province in China with the word "Fu" in its name, Fujian has a colorful culture of Fu, with Fuzhou as the most popular. Fuzhou people integrate their expectations of happiness into all aspects of life. Fucha, Fujing, Fuwei, as well as Fuzhou's food card - "Fu Shouquan", which is often referred to as Buddha jumping over the wall.


◆ The Haiwen inscription innovatively integrates the blessing culture with the Buddha jumping over the wall originated in Fuzhou, and creates a series of exquisite gifts with ingenuity, which symbolize "Ten thousand blessings and prosperity". It is hoped to pass on the blessing of the giver and the blessing of the recipient through harmonious courtesy exchanges, and at the same time enhance the friendship, inherit the profound cultural connotation of blessing (Defu, Xifu, Chengfu, Nafu, Yongfu).

Introduction to Fu Cultural Products

Red top series

Baoxiang flower is the mainstream pattern of ancient Chinese decorative patterns.

It means good luck, prosperity and prosperity.

The Red Top series is mainly presented in the classic noble blue,

With rich and auspicious patterns of precious flowers,

it conveys the noble royal style,

It symbolizes the ultimate craft and cultural heritage of the

Buddha jumping over the wall in Haiwen.

Red Jubilee Series

Hibiscus flowers are full and warm, implying reunion and happiness

Elegant flower and bird embroidery, with vivid charm,

Convey the attitude of famous families and famous products.

The product image of wealth and elegance,

It symbolizes the meticulous craft and pursuit of perfection of Haiwen Buddha jumping over the wall.

Happy enjoyment series

With the pattern of copper coins as the pattern,

it means to attract wealth and treasure.

With Chinese red and rich flower shading,

Convey the beaming of gift giving season;

Ocean and spray patterns on the upper and lower front,

It is taken from the land on the dragon robe of the Qing emperor,

It symbolizes the nobility and preciousness of the

Haiwen Buddha jumping over the wall.

Huagui Series

The pattern selected magnolia flowers standing proudly,

It means elegant and generous.

The overall picture adopts a surreal approach and style,

The ingenious connection between flowers and fish,

The combination of sea and land symbolizes the progress with the times of the Buddha jumping over the wall,

Mature and rich.

Fu Ju Series

The noble and elegant peony, the king of flowers,

It means wealth and auspiciousness.

With different levels of festive red,

Add the pattern radiating from the middle,

Convey the joy and joy of the gathering moment.

The peonies around the gourd blossom in a clear hierarchy,

It symbolizes the richness and joy of Buddha jumping over the wall in Haiwen.

Gift Card

High end atmosphere, preferred by mainstream,

It is flexible to use and convenient to carry,

Suitable for employee welfare,

holiday gifts, business gifts, etc