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In February, Haiwenming topped the repurchase list of seafood and aquatic products stores in the Tiktok e-commerce ranking list

The 3rd China Food and Beverage Industry Red Bull Award - Top 50 Leading Enterprises in Prefabricated Vegetables in 2023

Has been interviewed by authoritative media outlets such as CCTV's "Getting Rich" program, Xinhua News Agency, and People's Daily

Capping of Haiwenming Buddha jumps over the wall Industrial Park Phase II Project

 In the activity of "the second annual selection of" the leader of prefabricated dishes "in China's prefabricated dishes industry", we won the title of "Top 100 brands in China's prefabricated dishes industry", among which Haiwenming Buddha jumps over the wall was awarded the "champion of single products in China's prefabricated dishes industry"  On December 15, the first Fujian Province aquatic prefabricated dishes industry development conference and 2023 Buddha jumps over the wall Cultural Festival with the theme of "Tasting the mountain and sea prefabrication is not coming" was held in Mawei

Rated as a national high-tech enterprise

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In January, they settled in Costco Shanghai/Suzhou Store, Wal Mart, Hangzhou Tower Shopping Plaza

Received the title of "Fujian Province's First Batch of Innovative Pre made Vegetable Enterprises"

2022 BOE Instant Food Gold Award

On July 2, the "Buddha jumps over the wall Local Standard for Food Safety in Fujian Province" launched by Hai Wenming was officially implemented

Obtained the BRC (BRC Global standards) global food safety standard certification, and became one of the first domestic Buddha jumps over the wall manufacturers to pass the BRC certification

On December 18, the second Buddha jumps over the wall Cultural Festival and Buddha jumps over the wall Industrial Alliance Conference was held, and the Buddha jumps over the wall Industrial Association was officially established, launching the creation of the public brand of "Buddha jumps over the wall" public area

Served as the first president unit of Fuzhou Buddha jumps over the wall Industrial Association

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On February 25, Ms. Hai Wenming and Ms. Hong Huina won the title of "National exemplary individual in Food Safety" awarded by the Food Safety Committee of the State Council

Becoming a registered FDA company in the United States

Obtaining IFS qualification for exporting to the European Union

On June 3rd, won the Fujian Province Supply Chain Innovation Award

618 JD.com Seafood Products Category Store and Single Product Sales Double Top 1

Holding events to promote the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage The "2021 Buddha jumps over the wall Cultural Festival" with the theme of "Moving Jiuzhou" is the first time to promote the development of Buddha jumps over the wall in Fuzhou in the form of a cultural festival, help make Buddha jumps over the wall industry bigger and stronger, and contribute to the local economic development.

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On June 16, Haiwenming Buddha jumps over the wall Cultural Experience Hall (Sanfang Qixiang Store) opened

Gold Award Enterprises and Gold Award Products at the Fishery Expo

Selected as a key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization at the municipal level in Fuzhou City in 2020


Director unit of Fuzhou Time honored Brand Association

Leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization in Fuzhou City

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Brand upgrade, launching the Haiwen Ming brand strategy. The new VI system produces enterprise publicity films and Buddha jumps over the wall culture and scene application films. The brand mascot Mingzai was born, and Mingzai's daily expression pack was designed.

The new factory relocation celebration was successfully held

Obtained HACCP certification for qualification filing of export food production enterprises, and became the first enterprise to obtain frozen Buddha jumps over the wall export qualification

In December, the first batch of Buddha jumps over the wall was officially exported to Southeast Asia and Hong Kong

Signing weightlifting champion Deng Wei as spokesperson

Designated sponsors of the Weightlifting World Cup

Gold Award Products and Gold Award Enterprises at the Fishery Expo

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Moved to Haiwenming Maweiting River plant to build the first independently developed and designed standardized frozen Buddha jumps over the wall production line

E-commerce and new retail channels are rapidly developing

The 2nd Asian Cooked Ingredients Conference 2018 Top 100 Chinese Cooked Ingredients

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The opening of e-commerce channels

30 Years of Excellent Partner in Chinese Catering Industry

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Registration of Fujian Haiwenming Marine Technology Development Co., Ltd

Haiwenming Buddha jumps over the wall into Longyan Tulou Scenic Spot

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China Food Channel Buddha jumps over the wall

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Working hand in hand with Mr. Wang Deguan, the master of Fujian cuisine, the first pot of Buddha jumps over the wall was born

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Registered the "Haiwenming" trademark, and began to organize the team to invest in the research and development of the frozen Buddha jumps over the wall field

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The first factory, mainly focused on abalone, will be put into operation and a production team will be formed