The standard of Buddha jumping over the wall has finally come! Fujian Local Food Safety Standard Fotiaoqiang was released!


After more than two years of investigation and discussion, data detection and many rounds of provincial and municipal experts' deliberation, the Fotiao Wall, a local standard for food safety in Fujian Province (DBS25/007-2022), was proposed by Fujian Provincial Health Commission and drafted by Hai Wenming together with industry enterprises and relevant departments, and finally officially released on June 2, 2022.



The standard establishes the terms and definitions, product classification, quality grade, technical requirements, sanitary requirements during production and processing, inspection rules, labels and signs, packaging, transportation, storage, and shelf life of Fotiao Wall.

Among them, "Fotiaoqiang" is defined as a product made of abalone, sea cucumber, fish glue, scallops and/or other animal aquatic products and products as the main raw materials, with or without adding edible fungi and their products, meat and meat products, eggs, accompanied by stock, rice wine, spices and other raw materials, without adding plant protein, preservatives, food flavors and spices, and through the processes of raw material processing, cooking, packaging, etc.

Fotiaoqiang Soup is a kind of soup made from livestock and poultry products, with other raw materials added, and no food flavorings or fragrances allowed. It is processed through raw material processing, boiling, filtering and other processes.

In addition, the Buddha Jumping Wall products circulating in the market are mainly divided into two categories: frozen Buddha Jumping Wall and cooked Buddha Jumping Wall. According to the difference of raw materials and quality, the quality is divided into four grades: special grade, first grade, second grade and third grade.

In terms of technical requirements, specific provisions are made for raw materials, sensory, physical and chemical indicators, pollutant limits, pesticide residue limits, veterinary drug residue limits, microbial limits, net content, food additives, etc.



Finally, the corresponding detailed rules on the labels, signs, packaging, transportation, storage and shelf life of Fotiaoqiang products are made.

The implementation of Fotiaoqiang food safety standards has laid a foundation for the industrialization of Fotiaoqiang, greatly promoted the standardization and standardization of the industry, and is of great significance for restraining the market behavior of Fotiaoqiang enterprises, maintaining the brand image of Fotiaoqiang, and promoting Fujian cuisine culture.

Hai Wenming is honored to be a major participant in the formulation of the Buddha Leaping over the Wall standard, and has also experienced a heavy social responsibility and industrial responsibility.



From the debut of the first jar of Haiwen inscription Buddha jumping over the wall in 2012, it has now developed into one of the largest manufacturers of Buddha jumping over the wall in China, and has successfully built the first batch of Buddha jumping over the wall brands officially exported to overseas markets. Haiwen inscription has always been rooted in the field of prefabricated dishes, steadily, with rich industry experience and continuous innovation of processing technology to communicate with industry enterprises, and is committed to building Fujian cuisine Buddha jumping over the wall culture IP, promoting Fujian cuisine to go global and internationalization.

The future is long, and the past is always the same!