Enterprise Dynamics | Hai Wenming Holds the Launching Ceremony of "Production Center Staff Ability Improvement Training"


In order to further improve the staff's work awareness and work skills, and continue to promote the implementation of the "five pieces and three modernizations", at 15pm on July 6, Haiwenming held a launching ceremony of "production center staff capacity improvement training". The Technology and Quality Control Department, Production Department (Department I, Department II, Department III), Storage and Logistics Department, Power Equipment Department.

In order to further improve employees' work awareness and work skills, and continue to promote the implementation of the "Five Blocks and Three Modernizations", at 15pm on July 6, Haiwenming held a launching ceremony of "Production Center Staff Ability Improvement Training", which was attended by all management cadres, functional personnel and company leaders of the Technology and Quality Control Department, the Production Department (Department I, Department II and Department III), the Storage and Logistics Department, the Power Equipment Department and the Procurement Department.

Zhang Dong, the deputy director of the factory, presided over the training. He introduced the overall training plan and training requirements in detail. The training will be conducted through classroom teaching, on-site teaching, external professional teachers, work sharing, thematic discussion, etc. The training program includes five pieces of knowledge, three chemical knowledge, post professional knowledge, post work skills, management tools, etc.




At the launching ceremony, Mr. Ou stressed that the company has now developed into a medium-sized enterprise and gradually developed into a medium and large enterprise. In terms of enterprise structure, it has reached 13 departments and nearly 400 people. And with the development of the company, there will be new businesses, new departments, and new management models. Therefore, higher requirements will be put forward for management. All employees are required to learn the company's systems, processes, job responsibilities, and job technologies, learn new ideas, new methods, and new tools, and constantly improve their ability, quality, and awareness, so as to develop the habit of learning to love thinking.



Mr. Ou shared with everyone the contents of "five pieces, three modernizations, corporate culture, corporate style" through easy to understand cases, emphasizing that the company always adheres to the corporate culture concept of "learning", and follows the training principle of "giving fish is better than giving fish". He hopes that all employees should have a learning attitude of "living and learning" and modesty, so as to constantly improve their self-worth and jointly improve the level of enterprise management.



Subsequently, Wen Yuanmei, the manager of Production Department II, and He Xiao, the leader of Production Department II, the employee representative, made statements at the launch ceremony.




The successful holding of this event benefited the participants greatly, and deepened their understanding and belief that only by continuous learning and practical improvement of self-worth, can they develop with the enterprise at the same frequency and walk side by side with opportunities.