Fujian cuisine "Buddha Jump Over the Wall "exported to USA By Hydewin


On the morning of April 21, Haiwen Mingfo jumped over the wall and was successively loaded into container containers at the factory headquarters platform located in the Mawei Tingjiang Industrial Park in Fuzhou, Fujian...

On the morning of April 21, Frozen FoTiaoQiang was successively loaded into container containers at our factory  located in the Mawei Tingjiang Industrial Park in Fuzhou, Fujian, ready to start their long journey to USA. Thousands of kilometers away, supermarket shelves and restaurant kitchens in the United States are waiting for this special Fujian cuisine to cross the sea.


This is not the first time that Fuzhou Buddha Jumps Over the Wall has sailed in large quantities. As early as 2019, Buddha Jumps Over the Wall products printed with the Hydewin's logo had been exported to the Southeast Asian market. Since then, with the continuous development of overseas markets such as the United States, Canada, and the European Union, We has accelerated its pace and made great strides towards the goal of "inheriting intangible cultural heritage and promoting Fujian cuisine culture."


01 Sail for thousands of miles, let the world eat Fujian cuisine of  Buddha jump over the wall

Traditional cuisine  was activated by Prefabricated dishes.
Under the catalysis of the national tide fever and epidemic situation, the home-made prefabricated dishes such as Fotiaoqiang, Fish maw with chicken, Dongpo meat, Sichuan style bacon, lion's head, etc., have become the favorite of more and more foreigners.


The high degree of flavor restoration, convenient operation method, and fast cooking speed allow people who miss the taste of their hometown to relieve their homesickness in a foreign land.

Fuzhou Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is synonymous with the "homesickness dish" of Fujian overseas Chinese. It takes marine culture as its gene and absorbs the unique secrets of Fujian cuisine. The pursuit of excellence in ingredients and the craftsmanship of craftsmen have created the unique meat fragrance and complex flavor of this "China's No. 1 Soup".


As the first  company to achieve mass export  frozen Buddha Jumps Over the Wall to overseas markets, We aims at differentiated positioning, seizes the trend of pre-prepared dishes, and respects and inherits traditional production techniques to the greatest extent on the basis of technological innovation and modern production equipment. It refines ingredients with the secret recipe of Fujian cuisine master Wang Deguan, and through standardized, large-scale production and brand promotion, Fuzhou Buddha Jumps Over the Wall has been transformed from a regional delicacy of Fuzhou into a popular dining delicacy at home and abroad.


Our success stems from its consistent production philosophy: "Food safety first, corporate quality first". Since its inception, we has regarded food safety as the first line of defense for corporate production, and has been working tirelessly to increase investment in scientific research, improve the core capabilities of the supply chain, and ensure standardized and stable products.

While providing healthy food for domestic consumers, we has strengthened its internal strength and strengthened its confidence in expanding the market. With food qualification certificates, food has passed customs unimpeded and sailed thousands of miles, allowing the world to taste Fujian cuisine Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, allowing overseas Chinese to soothe their Chinese stomachs with a bite of "homesickness food"; allowing international friends to truly taste the classic and timeless Chinese food without leaving the country.


02 Lead a "slow" process to achieve a "fast" life

Prefabricated dishes are also called 3R food (ready to cook, ready to heat, Ready to eat). Before they reach consumers, they have undergone pre-processing processing, such as cutting, stirring, pickling, rolling, molding, flavoring and other cumbersome processes. People can eat delicious dishes of the same quality as restaurants only by heating or simply operating.


This not only allows people to get rid of the helplessness of general takeout under the fast-paced life and the lazy economy, but also allows the young people wandering around the edge of the frying kitchen to find a new "posture" for health preservation. It saves time, is appropriate in quantity, and has a distinctive taste. The beauty of the prepared dishes matches people's pursuit of fresh food, achieving delicacy in the "fast" life.

The sea inscription Buddha jumps over the wall, and the vitality is delicious in 5 minutes. The long process of raw material selection, careful preparation of ingredients, frying and cooking and other complex production processes, as well as more than ten hours of refined cooking, all turned into a frozen "cube".

The invisible time precipitation, the visible real materials - sea cucumber, abalone, flower glue, scallop, tendons, and nutritious soup, etc., have the same taste as the hall food, but have a more beautiful price, the same convenient one click operation as the takeout, but have more healthy ingredients.

The ideal is far away. If you miss your hometown, please leave it to Haiwen Ming. What you hoard is a food with a story, and what falls into your stomach is satisfaction that soothes your heart.


03 Consistent inside and outside to create "three identical" food
In 2022, Haiwenming was approved as an enterprise of "same line, same standard and same quality" for domestic and foreign trade products. The so-called "Three Identities" means that the export enterprises' domestic and foreign products reach the same quality level in the same production line and according to the same standards.


Haiwenming adopts strict internal control standards to control the quality of ingredients from the source. Food processing has passed 18 inspection checks, 36 index analysis, and the U.S. liquid nitrogen - 196 ℃ freezing technology has been used to achieve rapid freshness locking and complete preservation of the flavor and nutrition of ingredients. You can eat healthy food of export quality without going abroad!

Haiwen Ming will continue to strengthen the product core, tell the story of Fuzhou Buddha jumping over the wall, promote the "internationalization of Fujian cuisine", and let the world feel the beauty of "the altar opens the meat and fragrance to the neighbors, and the Buddha abandons the Zen and jumps over the wall".